Sunday, August 25, 2013

Beautiful Romania - Costinesti

Well travelers this post it's not about a typical holiday, it's not about planes, boats, trains, routes or museums.  This is a post about an extended weekend chilling at the Romanian Black Sea in Costinesti.

If you are looking to spend some fun days swimming, sun tanning, playing beach games and partying all night long and if you are the type of traveler that likes better comfortable shoes and not so sophisticated clothes while on holiday as opposed to high heels and fancy dresses than Costinesti is the place to be.

The beach positively surprised us; clean, perfect sand, lifeguards at every corner, enough space to sun tan, play football, volleyball and other beach games, with radio platforms bringing together bars for drinks, live DJ and live music, foam parties and beach competition.

For those of you looking for adrenaline there are plenty of water sports and also some "steady ground" activities like testing the flying fox or jumping with ropes or no ropes.

The food is for all tastes and pockets.  You can test the food at the corner of the street like small fried fish ("hamsii"), the traditional Turkish food, pizza, shaorma, Mexicanos (or for those of you that have visited Spain - churros), ice cream, etc. or you can try the self service restaurants with very tasty traditional Romanian food or even high class restaurants serving traditional and international Romanian food.  Our personal favorite are the self service restaurant called "Closca cu Puii de aur" - and Maxx - an open air club just besides the Obelisc perfect for coffee and cocktail just about at any hour of the day.

If you are looking for parties Costinesti has a lot to offer from foam parties, thematic parties, to concerts all night long the clubs at the seaside are trying as much as possible to make the tourists happy and keep them entrained.  Our favorite is Mega Discoteca Tineretului, an open space club with great music, concerts every night and the best dancers we've seen by now -
Photo credits - Radio ZU

If you are the type in search for more calm activities you can choose evening entertainment shows or open air cinema or you can even consider spending the time watching the sea at night and the candles inside air balloons lighted up and sent up in the air.

In terms of accommodation you can choose staying with one of the locals; it's cheap, close to the beach and has all you need in terms of services and who knows maybe you even end up making some new friends.

All in all we loved the experience; Costinesti is truly the pace to chill and relax in a crowd, how we like to say it.

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