Friday, October 10, 2014

The voice of Boracay - Ferns Tosco

Do you guys know where and what Boracay is?  Well we admit we knew nothing about Boracay until we decided to embark this September on a journey through Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.  Boracay is a small island in the Philippines; so small that its area is of 10.32 km2.  Still, it holds over 350 beach resorts, the best beaches and sunsets we have seen and some of the most amazing people we've met by now.

We arrived in Boracay on a Monday morning on a boat from the island of Caticlan following two flights in a row from Denpasar (Bali) to Manila and from Manila to Caticlan.  Once in the small Caticlan airport we booked a fast transfer to our hotel in Boracay.  Maria Torres (a Spanish name for a true Filipino lady) carried as fast as the wind from the airport to the boat that would take us to the beautiful Island of Boracay and than further to our hotel.
How does one fall in love with an island it barely knew before?  Well, here comes the subject of this post.  Because this is not a typical post about a location, what to see and what to do or not do; this post is about a beautiful singer we met during our trip that made this Island stick forever in our hearts.  
We found Ferns Tosco in our first night in Boracay.  Wandering on the beach near Beach Station 2 we could hear some live music coming from one of the beach bars. And we figure why not sit down, have a drink and enjoy the music of this amazing girl.
It ended up being a memorable night, with great music and good food.  At the end we couldn’t help it and we just had to meet Ferns and buy her album. We were surprised to meet this warm young girl, with big eyes and even a bigger smile, happy to chat with us.

We spent four blissful nights in the company of Ferns Tosco and the Bom Bom Bar talented singers and band members with a combination of Filipino music, Reggae music, oldies but goldies, modern tunes.  We sang along with these guys like we never sang before, we danced on their music in that way…you know…like no one is watching and we made good friends with their tunes on the background.

We will for sure never forget that feeling when you have your feet in the sand, a San Miguel beer in your hand, palm trees around you and you just sing “I want to go back to the Island called Boracay…there’s a place that I can call home…

For a detailed story about Ferns and how her album was born just click the link below - it's worth it

We say thank you Ferns for sharing with us your love for Boracay and we look forrward to meeting you again in Europe or in the Island, wherever our feet will carry us first...

As for you guys if you became just a little bit curious about this Boracay Island that Ferns is singing so frenetically about stay tuned for our next post where we unveil some tips on how to get there, what to do/not to do, what to expect and what to experience.

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