Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Liebster Award, the Italian Backpacker and loads of fun meeting new bloggers

This weekend I got an unexpected message form Stefania from the Italian Backpacker telling me that Are you happy was nominated for the Liebster Award. She seemed so happy about the Liebster Award game and the possibility to meet new travel bloggers that I instantly became excited also about this great opportunity of meeting new travelers. So my many many thanks go to Stefania for thinking of Are you happy and nominating our blog for this great sharing of experiences and we hope to soon meet in person during one of our trip!!!!!!

In order to play you have to:

- Thank the blogger who has nominated you;

- Answer the ten questions;

- Nominate other 10 travel bloggers (with not more than 600 likes or less);

- Ask them 10 questions.

The questions Stefania asked are the following:

1. Why did you start a travel blog in the first place and what to you wish to accomplish?

The idea of this blog came during the trip me and my travel buddy had in India in 2012. I had made very good friends in India with this two amazing brothers who are currently my family away from home and the youngest of the two brothers used to constantly asks us during the 2-3 days we spent in Jaipur, India the question "Are you happy?". And I remember we were answering with a big smile and a loud voice that yes we are. Back home nobody used to ask if we are happy or not so hearing this in India 7,500 km away from home, from people we were just getting to know was like a revelation to me. Being happy is the most important thing in life even if one is happy only for a second or for a lifetime. Travelling makes us happy, loads of happy. So this is how me and my travel buddy thought to bring together our passion for travel and the most sincere and beautiful feeling that nowadays we seem to forget about - happiness.

2. How would you define your style of travelling?

I would say curious, over excited, organized, people addict :)

3. What kind of things excite you the most while travelling?

Well, I am passionate about (not necessary in this order) art, architecture, music, food, history, small details, traditions, festivals....ah...and so many other things. I would say however that the most important aspect of traveling is getting to know people, their life, their passions, their every day life and making such people met on the way lifetime friends.

4. Are there things that annoy you, instead, while travelling?

Well I truly hate it that I am not comfortable with eating spicy food because whenever I travel to Asia I have to refuse all the great food that smells incredibly delicious!

5. Is there a destination you could keep going back to countless times?

So many!!!! Top of the list as destination where I could keep going countless times is Jaipur, India. To be honest, Jaipur easily raised from travel destination to the home away from home and as a I tell my friends I am bound to return to India over and over again craving like an addict for this beautiful country. On the list also is Italy, Spain and Vietnam.

6. Do you ever travel alone? If yes, how does that make you feel? And if no, would you ever consider doing that?
Yes. I either travel alone, with my travel buddy or with friends. I was always a people person so when I faced the situation of travelling alone I was a bit worried I would not like it. Travelling alone prove to be so exciting and gave me that precious feeling of total freedom of doing whatever you feel like doing in any given moment of the day that sometimes I have to admit I prefer the solo travels.
7. Do you believe in the distinction between traveller and tourist?

I don't know if I can honestly say whether I believe in a distinction between traveler and tourist. I think people travel for various reasons and in various forms, some like to travel alone, some like to travel with friends or in groups, some like to travel in luxury and style whilst other prefer hostels, couchsurfing or a simple hotel, some travel to run away or out of curiosity whilst others travel to feed their addiction of knowing more. I say irrespective of whether you are called traveler or tourist the most important thing is to enjoy trips, keep an open mind and keep travelling.

8. Do you ever feel compelled to do certain things, like a particular day trip or activity that is always mentioned as a “must-do”, while travelling?
Nope. Although I am organized and like to "check" the boxes for what I have planed to visit I don't believe in "must-do" when travelling. I believe more in instincts and in what each and everyone of us would like to see/visit/do in a certain given day during a travel. And if you feel like riding a bike in the middle of Cambodia or singing on the streets of Rome instead of visiting a temple or the Colosseum I say just do whatever makes you happy! Experiences come from unexpected places :).

9. Is there a country or a city that you have no interest in visiting?

No. I think any country and any culture has something to offer and worth knowing. If only we would have enough time to visit everybody!

10. What role does photography have in your blog?

I enjoy taking photos and I think photos are important for those who visit through our eyes. I don't however make photography the most important part of the travel; I rather see the world through my eyes and spread the word than see the world always through the camera lens.

Time for the new nominees :D. These travelers can, of course if they would like, answer the 10 question that follow:

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And the 10 questions:

1. What inspired you to travel?

2. If you could move to any city in the world what would your choice be?

3. Do you prefer to travel with a backpack or with a trolley?

4. Which was the strangest food you ever ate while on road?

5. Which are your favorite on the road books?

6. What was the most important object you forgot at home and proved to be necessary when traveling?

7. Do you have a travel nickname or any other name that your friends or people you met gave you while traveling?

8. Where you ever tired when traveling?

9. Which is the funniest experience you can remember from your travels?

10. Which is the country you visited where people smile the most?

Looking forward to your answers and meeting you online!




  1. India is one of the countries I would like to visit the most. It must be so fascinating, even though particularly challenging.

    1. It is indeed fascinating! Just like a Tarantino movie you either love it or hate it forever :). Whenever you decide to go to India just drop me a line and I will hook you up with my friends to make the travel easier :).

  2. I was also nominated by Stefania for this game! So interesting to read all the different answers we gave :) and for what concerns India, I'd love to go too!!!! :)

    1. Hi Pam!! Glad to meet u online and read your answers and happy to hear about India! Will be going for sure next year in March for the Holi festivals so who know util than maybe you guys decide to join. Hugs!